what is
the matawa
education department?

The Matawa Education Department provides support and advisory services to Matawa First Nation community schools and Education Authorities that result in school improvements and have a positive impact on the quality of students’ learning.

The Power of Unity, The Dignity of Difference

the care center is apart of all of us here at matawa education center

The Department continues to develop its capacity to provide second level services to schools, including IT support, under the Pathways to Achieve Student Success (PASS!) program.In addition, the Department operates the Matawa Education and Care Centre, an alternative secondary school approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The Matawa Post Secondary Program has responsibility for Post Secondary Administration for five Matawa First Nations; Aroland, Ginoogaming, Long Lake # 58, Neskantaga, and Webequie. Support Services are available as well to other Matawa First Nation students upon request. In order to enhance the quality of educational programs and services, the Department continues to have a strong focus on the use of new technologies in education to increase learning opportunities for all Matawa First Nations community members.


Our Vision

The Matawa Education Department supports and delivers quality, accessible and student-centered education in a culturally appropriate environment to accommodate diverse needs and to ensure success for our children’s future.


Our Mission

With the support of our leaders, elders, parents and youth, Matawa Education Department will identify and foster the skills and resources learners’ need for future success in life, including those that promote academic success, cultural appreciation, self-confidence and creativity.


Community Leadership

Matawa Education Department offers regional capacity in education and training and promote learning to people of all ages, ensuring self-awareness, a healthy workforce and the nurturing of future community leaders.

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