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The Matawa Chiefs established Matawa Education and Care Centre, formally known as Matawa Learning Centre in 2010 in order to provide an educational alternative for our youth. A feasibility study was updated in 2016, to include both an education and care centre.

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Holistic Approaches to Education

Considering the potential location of the education and care centre, involved discussions regarding purchasing and renovating an existing building, or to proceed with a new build. During discussions, Grandview Lodge ceased operation as a longterm care facility, becoming available for consideration and purchase. In January 2018, The City of Thunder Bay, recognizing the importance of this initiative, sold Grandview Lodge to Matawa First Nations Management. The Matawa Education and Care Centre has developed a plan over the past two years, embracing existing research as it relates to holistic education to support First Nation youth. Through input from students, communities, parents, Education Authorities, and Matawa Leadership the education model integrates the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. The incorporation of mental health services, recreation opportunities, trades programming, land-based learning, distance education, cooperative education, cultural and spiritual programming into an 11 hour school day offers a multi-faceted learning environment capable of adapting to meet the individual needs of each student. The educational program will be designed around the student, accommodating their mental health, physical, and spiritual needs.