Education Program

Matawa Education and Care Centre’s Trades Education has begun with our first course being Custom Woodworking.

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The Trades Department

Our woodworking shop is well equipped with all quality CSA approved tools and equipment, enabling students to work to a high degree of accuracy and produce a wide variety of outstanding projects.Every effort is made to ensure students are thoroughly trained and all tools and machines are in top working order. Safety is our top priority and our students are supplied with, and fitted with all the necessary personal safety equipment and clothing. Students in the Custom Woodworking Course have participated in a First Nations Housing Conference and a CMHC Indigenous Youth Summit on Housing this school year. Our Trades Department has also been working with Ontario SPCA to build prefabricated dog houses which will intern be shipped up to Matawa community schools and assembled by the Grade 8 students. These dog houses will be used for community pets, and all the material for this project has been donated by local retailers. Some other future projects the trades program will be building are a number of picnic tables and benches for our school property, tables and shelving units for our Art and Cultural Departments, and a storage garage for our Outdoor Education department. As our school develops we will be introducing a number of other exciting trades programs with consideration to Hairstyling and Aesthetics, Manufacturing Technology, Construction Technology, and Transportation Technology. The goal of our trades department is to ensure our students have the opportunity to choose programs that suit their skills and interest.