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The Matawa Education Department provides support and advisory services to Matawa First Nation community schools and Education Authorities that result in school improvements and have a positive impact on the quality of students’ learning.

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Matawa Education & Care Centre

The Matawa Education and Care Centre is a holistic program providing students from Matawa First Nations communities who reside in the city of Thunder Bay from Northern Ontario with an individualized, all-encompassing approach to education. Our school provides unique learning opportunities for Matawa students as classroom teachers promote thinking and experiential learning, and cross-curricular opportunities for all students. Our students have access to tutoring which is also available to all Matawa students in Thunder Bay. Students can enroll in courses such as Land-based and Outdoor Learning, Trades, Co-operative Education, Visual Arts, and the compulsory Math, Science, and English courses. Matawa Education and Care Centre has been in partnership with an innovative education group called the Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) since 2016. TC2 is currently redesigning and enhancing current curriculum to better suit Matawa students by incorporating indigenous content and build deeper understanding with enhanced abilities to think effectively. Working closely with teachers and cultural staff, the TC2 works to aid in the integration of a critical thinking framework in the overall Matawa Education and Care Centre program delivery

providing unique learning opportunities

Being Able To
Accomplish The Following

  • Educating Matawa First Nation students ages 13-22
  • Courses offered from 9:00am to 8:00pm.
  • Class structure that promotes thinking and experiential learning, with a strong focus on cultural teachings and land based learning.
  • Integration of research-based curriculum development.
  • Increase in after hours support from On Call Services, Student Activities, Cultural Activities, Elders, Counsellors, Tutors, and Safe Sobering Site
  • Education, health and cultural intake assessments and after-care.
  • Brand new school with all the necessary physical spaces.