Matawa Education and Care Centre’s Cultural Programming allows for students to practice their tradition and culture during and after school. Our Grandfather Drum serves as the heart beat of the Matawa Education and Care Centre.

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how we approach culture

Our students helped build and feast the big drum which they now play on a weekly basis. Students and staff also regularly practice smudging which helps their spirit by getting rid of negative energy and increasing positive energy. Matawa Education and Care Centre supports all students to practice whichever faith they choose. Students also have the opportunity to learn and fine tune artistic skills from expert traditional crafters. Matawa Education and Care Centre is thankful for our partnership with Fort William First Nation because students and staff are able to practice our culture in on the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation. One cherished memory we have is cooking ducks, feasting and hiking on Animikii-waaji.

Smudging, Big Drum Making, Hand Drum Making, Drumming, Feasts, Beading, Traditional Teachings, Storytelling, Elders/Guest Speakers, Workshops, Traditional Medicines, Hide tanning, Hunting, Trapping