Education Elders

Matawa Education and Care Centre’s Elders Program provides for an enriching and home-like environment to students because our elders act as knowledge keepers who share their wisdom and traditional language with students and staff each day.

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How our Elders work with our students

Our elders are our teachers and role models and they are very much involved in the teaching process. Our elders listen to student’s stories and provide them with traditional support.Traditional teachings and culture will be incorporated across all subject areas under the guidance of our Elders and Cultural Workers. Currently, our elders are Sarah Moonias from Neskantaga First Nation and Emily Jacob from Webequie First Nation. Our Elders help students with: Smudging, Big Drum Making, Hand Drum Making, Drumming, Feasts Beading, Traditional Teachings, Storytelling, Elders/Guest Speakers, Workshops, Traditional Medicines, Hide tanning, Hunting Trapping.