Education Program

Our ability to provide land-based learning opportunities in conjunction with mental health supports will work in holistic combination to create self-awareness and balance between body and mind.

Working Together To Make a Change

Land-based and Outdoor Learning

Matawa Education and Care Centre’s Outdoor Education Program is made up of 6 Land-based and Outdoor Learning credits which enable students to connect with the land and further strengthen their sense of identity. Matawa’s outdoor education programming provides unique opportunities which teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to be safe out on the land and water. Matawa students have gone on a canoeing expedition from one Matawa First Nation to another, worked together to do moose hide tanning, went ice fishing, learned about the bounty of medicinal plants our land offers! Our Outdoor Education Teacher provides students with an enriching experiences in: Land Based Learning, Wilderness, Water, and Firearm Safety, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting,  Trapping, Outdoor Skills, Canoeing , Snowshoeing.