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Welcome to the online registration form for the Matawa Post Secondary in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Please fill out the form below. If you require assistance, please call the Matawa Reception at (807) 768-3300.
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

MATAWA POST-SECONDARY PROGRAM 200 N. Lillie St, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 5Y2 / Phone: (807)768-3300 Fax: (807)768-3301


Permanent Address

Address While At School

IF CLAIMING DEPENDANTS: provide copy of identification of all eligible children (under 18 in school)


Previous Post-Secondary Education or Training (if applicable)

I declare that all of the above information is complete, true and accurate. I agree to inform Matawa Post-Secondary of any changes which may affect my eligibility for allowance. I also declare that I have read and understood all definitions, rules and guidelines of this Application.


A. Modular Student

Please provide a letter from your employer stating what type of financial support they are providing to you while in attendance with your modular program (ie: travel, accommodations, meals, other.)

B. Consent to REQUEST information

C. Consent to RELEASE information


This signed consent is valid until ________________________________, 20______.

Applies to common-law / married applicants:

I, ___________________________________ am the partner of _____________________________. I have read and understood this document and by this authorization I provide my consent, as may be required by the Matawa Post-Secondary Policy, to allow Matawa Post-Secondary staff to request and release information about myself to government agencies in order to determine my partner’s eligibility to receive Educational Assistance.

Should you require a copy of the MPS Policy, please contact the MPS Office


Each student has the right:

• To the privacy of information

• To be informed of Post-Secondary Student Support Program Policies and Procedures

• To be treated respectfully by MPS staff

• To discuss extenuating academic circumstances without fear of reprisal

• To have any post-secondary issues resolved in a fair, equitable, and timely manner

• To file a complaint or appeal without fear of reprisal


It is the student’s responsibility:

• To be informed of MPS policies, changes, and procedures

• To comply with MPS policies and procedures

• To treat program staff, faculty staff and students with respect

• To provide program/course documentation on schedule throughout the academic year. This includes Semester Timetables, Mid-Term Marks, Final Grades and Transcripts.

• To complete all course work on schedule as assigned by the Post-Secondary Institution

• To attend all required classes and tutorials

• To arrive on time for class and remain for the duration of the lesson/tutorial

• To maintain a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)

• To contact the MPS Office and check in once every two weeks via phone, email, text, voicemail

• To consult with MPS staff prior to withdrawal from a course/program

• To keep MPS staff informed of any changes to: bank information, email address, mailing address, contact number

• To not enter the Matawa Education Department building under the influence of alcohol/illicit drugs

Student Signature______________________________________________ Date: _______________________

MPS Coordinator/Counselor/Staff Signature______________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Issued by: Education Dept. Issue Date: Nov. 29, 2012 Revision # 9 Date: Jan 13, 2020. EDUC PS FORM 304 Approved by: SN